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3 Apr, 2022

What Our Technical Training Experience Means For Your Installation

Our team has over 80 years of Electrical and Solar experience between them and proudly carry the Clean Energy Council Designer and Installer Accreditations. This ensures our customers are getting a q ...

27 Mar, 2022

Have You Thought About Commercial Solar For Your Business?

Just like residential solar, having a solar system for your business will aid you in the cutback of running costs as well as decreasing your carbon footprint. Utilising our solar design software, we a ...

20 Mar, 2022

Our Process For Making The Switch To Solar

Our team will tailor-make a system to suit your energy needs and affordability. You will be presented with product information and pricing for you to make the most informed decision. 1. Enquiry - Sub ...

13 Mar, 2022

How YOU Can Get Started With QLD Solar Energy Professionals

With the use of our solar design software, we will calculate the best-sized system for your household needs based on your electricity usage (found on your bill), in combination with your location. We ...

2 Jan, 2022

Our Easy Maintenance Offer

Other than occasionally clearing debris, your solar panels will only require a professional clean once every 6 months to ensure the panels are unobstructed from making the most out of the sun’s rays ...

26 Dec, 2021

How To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Are you tired of paying high costs for your electricity every month? Solar panels can help to reduce electricity bills almost entirely depending on how many panels you install. Put the savings back in ...

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