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Commercial Solar


Commercial Solar has never been more viable with Government STC rebates still continuing. A standard 15KW inverter with 19KW of panels will give you, on average, a $10,000 discount on the upfront cost of your system. With the majority of commercial properties using a huge chunk of power during the day, the return on investment is enticing.

Our partner finance company makes commercial solar installations barrier-free and affordable with fortnightly repayments during the payback period cheaper than most electricity charges.

Just like residential solar, having a solar system for your business will aid you in the cutback of running costs as well as decreasing your carbon footprint. Utilising our solar design software, we are able to provide you with both a roof-top or ground-mounted module design and a full report that includes data such as:

● Predicted monthly productivity based on the weather events and patterns in your location from the last 30 years (also taking into consideration daylight hours during the different seasons).
● Predicted annual production in kWh (kilowatt-hours)
● Predicted energy returned to the grid
● Sources of potential system loss (shading from surrounding flora or structures, irradiance, temperature, powering the inverter, frequently running air conditioning units and pumps, etc.)
● Financial savings and return on investment

Your business can benefit from advancing into the future with renewable energy. Enquire with us and we will provide a free, no-obligation quote based on a site inspection and energy assessment. This will contain several solar options, all of similar quality but at different price points. We will then work together during a follow-up consultation to answer any questions you may have and discuss payment options before our CEC Accredited Installers complete your installation.

You are protected by our lifetime workmanship guarantee and product warranties. There are also no hidden fees and no lock-in contracts, so we hope to have an opportunity soon to show you how solar can truly impact on your business, whether you are a major corporation or simply working from home.


Renewable Energy - Supporting the environment is a major factor when it comes to solar panels. It’s no secret that solar energy can help the earth by reducing our carbon footprint.

Reduce Your Electricity Bills - Are you tired of paying high costs for your electricity every month? Solar panels can help to reduce electricity bills almost entirely depending on how many panels you install. Put the savings back into your pocket instead of paying the energy corporations.

Easy Maintenance - Other than occasionally clearing debris, your solar panels will only require a professional clean once every 6 months to ensure the panels are unobstructed from making the most out of the sun’s rays.


Our team will tailor-make a system to suit your energy needs and affordability. You will be presented with product information and pricing for you to make the most informed decision.

01. Enquiry - Submit an enquiry to our Ipswich solar panel team and you’ll receive a free quote within 24 hours.

02. Approval - Once you’ve been approved, we will submit your Energex Forms on the same day, book you in for installation and order your materials.

03. Installation - Once we’ve reached installation day, we'll run through your solar panel layout and inverter location to commence installation.

04. Training - After we’ve installed your solar panels, we’ll run through some training on inverter usage and monitoring.

05. Energex Meter - Your Energex meter will then be installed within 10 - 15 business days of system installation.